Sunday, July 18, 2010


Recapture Love by Linda M Rhodes
What of words that tumble down…
Creating sadness despair and frown,
Swift gust away wind be bold…
Vanquish angered thoughts so cold,
Renew our kindred spirit once united,
Left shattered a bitter love requited,
Your essence never escapes my mind…
My heart replays in constant rewind,
Dare you to say you never cared…
While hand caresses my skin laid bare,
Tortured soul accept thy fate…
From this penitence none escape,
Paths once shared become overgrown,
Thrash out at thorns regrets be known,
Though my flesh bleeds tis only you I seek,
Darkness envelopes my body grows weak,
Surely my quest not in vain…..
In your heart pieces of us remain,
Against all odds I shall wage my war,
Capturing love we knew once before,
Perhaps your gaze has fixed on another,
Still our hearts beat as one destined lovers,
You may cower frightened seeking retreat,
I’ll have you in chains accepting no defeat,
Seductive rapture unleashed surrenders to lust,
Our lifetime begins as heartbeats fade to dusk,
In this place I will love you till the ends of known time…

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