Sunday, July 25, 2010

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The Last One

This was done as a writing challenge... the theme write poem about the last tree.

The Last One…
Death, I wish for it…
I am old, ancient with life,
Pulsing throughout my core,
To be the last, cruel fate,
Gone the sapling youth,
Generations before and after….
Seasons of change know only color gray,
Countless the never-ending days,
Future grim, final destruction eminent,
Enemy shall return, scaring all Earth,
Selfish multitude, greed the driving force,
Mutilate, destroy, burned to ash…
Forced to watch the devastation,
My roots buried deep, limbs lift upward,
Heavy with burdened soul, murderers…
Rays of sunlight warm without comfort,
Shadows cast upon yesterday…
Guarding memories pleasant,
As fresh blossoms of Spring…
Evergreen summer foliage thriving,
Bringing harvest coloring fall,
Ardent my flailing branches…
Whipping upon strong winds,
Arrogance perhaps justified,
As twister touches down…
Twas Mother Nature gave me life,
Fitting she will grant my death…
Along with the concrete forest,
They foolishly plant in my stead…

Friday, July 23, 2010

Lil' Boy's Shoes

Lil’ boy’s shoes,
Today’s adventure to choose
Laughing and playing,
Climbing up trees…
Boo boos and skinned knees,
Dirty hands go without saying.
Eyes of wonder…
This world to discover,
Impossible questions
Grandma why, and I sigh,
Take my hand little man,
Slide down slides,
I’ll catch you…
And tickle your sides.
Pretend we are dragons Rrrrrroar,
Or Giddy up Grandma, yi haw!
Shhhhh a quiet moment…
As I peak while he sleeps,
Sweet dreams little one…
The years go by in a blink,
Looking at him I think…
I remember when,
Your daddy wore…
Lil’ Boy’s Shoes.

Where Are You Going

On the road not paved…
Good intentions could be lost,
In darkness, twists and turns…
Overgrowth heavy, blurred by ferns,
But on this beautiful sunny day,
Grasp wonder before it slips away…
Committing it’s beauty to memory,
Recalling moments cherished tomorrow,
Such splendor allows no sorrow,
Where it seems trees touch the sky,
To follow the path, one must try,
As with all things worthwhile…
The journey is worth the trials.

Sunday, July 18, 2010


Sugar Mountain by Linda M Rhodes

This is a song I actually sang to my wee Grandson, when I'd rock him to sleep durning his first year....I wanted to remember it so I wrote it down....

Sugar Mountain

What do they sing about,
On Sugar Mountain….
What do they sing hummm…
To lull their babes to sleep.
Delicious, delights here flourish,
You can even eat the flowers,
And Bumble Bees, can really sing,
Tell me, what do they sing about,
On Sugar Mountain…..
What do they sing about,
On Sugar Mountain…
What do they sing hummm…
To lull their babes to sleep.
There are ice cream trees,
Savor flavor of the leaves,
And streams flow with honey,
In the land of sweets….
All dreams another treat,
And Bumble Bees, can really sing…
What do they sing about,
On Sugar Mountain….
What do they sing hummm…
To lull their babes to sleep.


Love's Withered Rose by Linda M Rhodes

Embellished fragrance undeniable,
Lingers beyond it’s life.
Memories of perfection fade,
As sand slips through fingertips.
Gentle touch as petals delicate,
Lips caress crimson passion.
Bodies awaken blooming lustful.
Lovers lay upon bed of roses,
Dreaming a lifetime as one.
Aged thorns prick, and hearts bleed.
Hands still hold, lips still kiss.
All love falters as the rose,
First excited as bud blooms,
Silk petals inspired with beauty.
Over time the rose does wilt.
Yet her fragrance lingers,
Whispering tales of love remembered.


Recapture Love by Linda M Rhodes
What of words that tumble down…
Creating sadness despair and frown,
Swift gust away wind be bold…
Vanquish angered thoughts so cold,
Renew our kindred spirit once united,
Left shattered a bitter love requited,
Your essence never escapes my mind…
My heart replays in constant rewind,
Dare you to say you never cared…
While hand caresses my skin laid bare,
Tortured soul accept thy fate…
From this penitence none escape,
Paths once shared become overgrown,
Thrash out at thorns regrets be known,
Though my flesh bleeds tis only you I seek,
Darkness envelopes my body grows weak,
Surely my quest not in vain…..
In your heart pieces of us remain,
Against all odds I shall wage my war,
Capturing love we knew once before,
Perhaps your gaze has fixed on another,
Still our hearts beat as one destined lovers,
You may cower frightened seeking retreat,
I’ll have you in chains accepting no defeat,
Seductive rapture unleashed surrenders to lust,
Our lifetime begins as heartbeats fade to dusk,
In this place I will love you till the ends of known time…


GOD LIVES HERE by Linda M Rhodes

It is true God lives here,
View without a single fear,
Simple awe earth’s beckoned glory,
Created faultlessly never ending story…
Is this a gateway to Heaven,
Gaze upon exquisite splendor…
Feel the warmth reflection renders,
Close your eyes and embrace truth,
Forgiven mistakes of our youth…
Know love in your heart, rejoice,
For here whispers His voice…


Night.... by Linda M Rhodes

How quiet the night…
Ebony silence invaded,
By intrusive candlelight.
A solitude disrupted,
Calming thoughts reflect…
Embrace the darkness,
Shadowing all distraction,
Chaos hampering life.
Seduction is the night,
Surrender passion delight…
With eyes wide open,
See beyond the dark…
Learning secret, of the night.


Calico Kitty by Linda M Rhodes

The shooting fountain sprayed crystal water falling back into the wading pond located at the center of the park. The merry laughter of children playing echoed on the warm summer breeze. The day was sunny and many children were splashing happily in the wading pool. All the children in the park seemed happy, all except little Jena.

Jena sat cross legged on the soft green grass staring intently at the aged Oak. The grand tree stood tall, it’s strong branches stretching to touch the azure sky; creating abundant shade on such a hot day.

As Jena sat patiently, a stranger neared bending down near her. Crouching in the grass beside her, Jena never looked at him, more past him. He was thin with thick curly black hair, deep blue eyes the shade nearly matching the sky. He smiled and nodded acknowledging the tiny little girl, whom seemed lost in her own world.

“Can I sit down?” The man asked waiting for Jena to nod her head yes, before he plopped down beside her. “What’s your name I’m Jim,” the man introduced himself. Jena never took her eyes from the old Oak, shrugging slightly she answered.

“I’m Jena, Do you see her?” she asked curiously. Jim looked in the direction of Jena’s gaze, but saw nothing except for the stately Oak.

“Jena, that’s a lovely name; see who Honey?” his mind inquisitive, indeed puzzled by this strange child. He had been watching her for nearly half an hour, while she sat perfectly still, quite contented simply staring. The whole time there was no evidence of anyone taking notice of her, worrying she may need some help.

“My kitty, just there on that branch,” Jena pointed to a low laying limb, but Jim didn’t see the cat. “She’s pretty, all different colors. Do you see her?” Jena spoke without taking her eyes away from the seemingly invisible cat on the branch of the Oak.

“Um, sorry I don’t see her. Is she a pretend kitty?” looking anxiously around to see if anyone else was paying attention, no one was. This entire situation was becoming more and more odd. Jim worried this child was lost or perhaps handicapped, since she appeared to see things that clearly were not there.

“No….I think she is scared and can’t get down. Will you lift me so I can reach her?” Jena asked in a soft pleading voice.

“Honey where is your Mommy or Daddy. Can I get them for you?” Jim was still glancing about fruitlessly, it was as if no one saw them.

“Mommy says she’s a Calico, you really can’t see her? You see me,” looking at Jim for the first time, her haunting wide eyes sent shivers chasing down Jim’s spine.

“I’m so sorry no I don’t see the cat. Jena where are your parents?” Jim insisted as an uneasiness churned in his stomach.

“Mommy and Daddy can’t see me no more, but you can. Please help me get my kitty, please?” her sad eyes welled tears, and her tiny arms reaching moved Jim to action. If only to gain her trust, he’d appease her obvious imaginative fantasy.

“Okay I’ll lift you up,” surrendering and standing up he held out his arms to Jena. With a brilliant smile she jumped into his warm arms. Surprisingly Jena’s skin seemed cold, odd on such a warm summer day.

Jim lifted Jena close to the low hanging branch of the oak, thinking she would simply grab her imaginary cat and he would return her safely to the ground. To Jim’s dismay Jena griped the branch and pulled herself up, swinging her tiny leg over the branch scampering out of his protective grasp. Balancing herself carefully, Jena stepping along the limb climbing even higher.

“Jena come down, don’t climb higher Honey leave the kitty,” Jim grew concerned as she was scampering higher and further away from him.

“She’s scared, she’s climbing higher, I can reach her wait an see,” Jena continued ignoring Jim’s pleads for her to stop.

Staring at Jena afraid to take his eyes off her Jim’s girlfriend, Christine wandered up to him. She was supposed to meet him for lunch, and was looking for him for the last twenty minutes.

“Jim, what are you doing? Lunch is getting cold,” Chris walked up to him lifting her head following his fixed gaze into the empty tree. “What are you looking at?” Chris was puzzled by Jim’s attentive stare.

“Hey, sorry Honey I’m watching Jena, she’s getting her kitty. Jena come down now that’s too high!” Jim called holding his breath as Jena eased slowly out on a long slender limb that was bending dangerously.

“Jena? Jim are you okay, there is no one in that tree,” Chris shaded her eyes scanning every branch of the Oak seeing nothing.

“Quit playing games, I have to make sure she’s safe,” Jim snapped taking his eyes away from Jena’s body only for a moment to acknowledge Chris.

Before Chris could respond, Jim heard a resounding crack and heard the shrill terrified scream as Jena fell from the tree. Making a sudden diving lunge Jim landed on the ground beneath the Oak, letting out a devastated cry, “No….GOD NO!”

Chris quickly bent by Jim’s side, placing her hand on his back to comfort. Something was definitely wrong with him. “Honey what’s wrong, Jim talk to me,” Chris urged.

“She’s dead, oh my God……she’s dead, and there is a kitty, a Calico kitty!” Jim babbled tears streaming from his eyes.

“Jim no one is there. There is no child, no Calico cat. Look at me, what’s wrong with you?” Jim pried his eyes from Jena’s frail broken body looking up at Chris, hugging her tightly.

“What do I do? Call 911 quick, I don’t even know who she is. God I should never have lifted her onto that branch.!” Jim sobbed blabbering like a child.

“Jim look at me there is no one….look see…. no one is there,” Chris tried again to reason with Jim, pointing to the ground where Jena was laying. As Jim glanced back at Jena, he witnessed her eyes flicker and open. Then as if a miracle this Angel stood up perfectly fine, as if she never fell. Her Calico kitty was purring softly nestled snuggly in her arms.

“Thank you, I knew you would see her,” Jena kissed Jim on his cheek then skipped behind the huge Oak and simply disappeared.

Jim wiped his eyes shaking his head in disbelief, then with Chris following he circled the tree twice. Totally confused Jim scratched his head leaning hard against the Oak feeling the rough bark press against his back.

“I don’t understand, she was here and as real as you and me. I didn’t see the cat till after. Chris you have to believe me.” Chris reached in taking Jim’s hand in hers smiling reassuringly. “I believe you, let’s get something to eat okay?”

The couple quietly ate their lunch at a nearby picnic table. Every so often Chris caught Jim staring at the Oak. “Are you Okay?” she was still concerned, even though Jim seemed to be finally acting normally. “Yeah, it was just so real,” Jim shrugged crinkling his wrapper that covered his sandwich. Collecting their trash they deposited it in a near by waste container.

Walking Chris back to her car they passed a polished granite memorial. Holding up a moment, Jim wanted to read it’s inscription. Chris felt Jim’s body tremble the moment he started to read. Gazing at the stone herself, she began reading too, gasping a bit overwhelmed by what it said.

“In loving memory of our Sweet….. Jena Leigh….and Calico Kitty.

Play forever in the park you loved so much”

Jim read the date of death, it was fifty years ago on this day. Chris looked earnestly at Jim feeling heart wrenching sorrow. “Oh my God you did see her,” she whispered. Jim nodded touching the stone it felt smooth as polished glass. Brushing away a tear that fell Jim looked back toward the Oak. In that moment Jim saw a Calico kitty darting around the trunk of the tree, being chased merrily by Jena Leigh.

No Regret

No Regret by Linda M Rhodes .

Raptures of blue

So easy for you

No song or dance,

Or whispered romance.

Restless heart seeks more

Fall in love adore,

Pity the empty soul

No reflection or goal.

Alone is a desperate loft

Even with pillows down soft,

Turn please your head ….

See me before you dread,

The life you chose

Without a single rose.

Still my heart

If we should part

Can’t you see ….

Love I have for thee.

Fate walk beside, take my hand

leave our footprints in the sand,

Before last taken breath

I shall have no regret,

If upon the breeze….

My love flows free

Into your heart,

Where I will never part.


Haunted Rain by Linda M Rhodes .

Sometimes the rain brings calm,

Washing away the sorrow and pain,

Dwelling on hurts past, vintage song,

Takes you back, memories thought gone,

All the feelings, always the same…

Wonder if my heart will beat again,


Walking in the rain,

Trying to release the pain,

Invisible tears cry easily here,

Letting go without fear…

Memories allowed in the rain.


Flicker of warm smiles,

Flash through my mind,

Haunted by the lasting trials,

My heart aches, love left behind.

Letting go not so easy,

Memories of how you pleased me,


Walking in the rain,

Trying to release the pain,

Invisible tears cry easily here,

Letting go without fear…

Memories allowed in the rain.


Embracing fate, for us it’s too late,

Bleed the pain that’s left, this I can not fake…

Wash away all traces left within my heart,

Scent of you must not remain,

Tuck the memories finally away,

Close my eyes, endure cleansing rain,

Saying good-bye to the pain….


Walking in the rain,

Trying to release the pain,

Invisible tears cry easily here,

Letting go without fear…

Memories allowed in the rain.


Neverland Exists by Linda M Rhodes .


If only in my mind….

Whimsical fantasy delights,

Treasures of gold, pillaged pirate plunder.

Pleasant dreams, soaring above all imagined,

Pegasus my noble steed wings tipped in stardust,

Floating effortlessly till morn.

Realm of wonders, trolls, and imagined perils,

Laughter of children resounds as music,

No one enters with evil intent.

Mighty lioness invisible guarding locked gates,

Imagination the only key ….

Sliding down rainbow splashing in ocean enchanted,

Beware, your heart returns carefree.

Sun always shines, build a snowman on the beach he won’t melt,

Rather swim with you, tummy chuckling,

Join me, admission free, to a heart that cares…..


The searing heat radiated off the concrete sidewalk, and the air was dry seemingly scorched. The cushion of air from the passing traffic blasted like opening an oven door. On humid days like this any movement encouraged perspiration, it didn’t need to be physically exerting. The path wove through a center park, kids were dancing in the water fountain exhilarated from the pulsing spray showering them.

Mason smiled remembering those days, secretly wishing he was a kid again, he’d be right there splashing with them. Normally he’d be jogging, keeping an elevated heart rate. Today Mason opted to walk, and his shirt was still soaked. Continuing his walk, Mason neared the fountain, as the path passed within feet of the refreshing sprays. Mason turned to head away from the children laughing and jumping. As he changed direction, Mason noticed a small child, face sullen pouting; while she sat in the hot sun, watching the other children play.

The girl was probably about 7 Mason guessed, she was all alone, no one near by. This seemed odd to Mason, as the girl was confined to a wheel chair. Curious and a bit concerned, Mason walked over to the little girl, bending down to her level he smiled. The frail girl with bright blue eyes smiled back at him. “Hi, I’m Mason, what’s your name?”

“ Trisha,” she answered in a quiet almost timid voice.

“You want me to move you out of the sun, it’s pretty hot today?” Mason offered to wheel her into the shade of one of the many trees nearby.

“ No….what I want is to splash in the fountain, like the other kids,” Trisha sighed a frown forming on her pretty face.

“Um….where’s your mom, is she nearby?” Mason inquired still scanning the faces of people close, no one appeared to notice him, or Trisha for that matter. “My Mom’s in Heaven,” Trisha whispered looking upward at the deep blue sky.

Mason was beside himself, what a tragic story, he wasn’t sure how to continue. Trisha helped him out, “Can you lift me up and take me over to the fountain? I know you’ll get wet but….well I can wheel my chair close, but I still can’t feel the water.”

“Trisha…..who watches over you, where is your guardian?” Mason asked wondering how much interaction he should allow. For all intensive purposes, he was a stranger. Mason didn’t want her guardian getting the wrong idea, if and when they came back.

“I came on my own….I stay at the Children’s Center, it’s not far only a couple blocks. I come when I can to watch the kids play.” Trisha explained smiling again. “They let you come by yourself?” Mason was astounded, shaking his head rolling his eyes. Trisha laughed at his question shaking her head. “No silly….I sneak out. At lunch time there are only two nurses, and they are usually busy so it’s really easy. Please Mason, can you help me get wet, I’m so hot, and it looks like so much fun?”

Perhaps it was those brilliant blue eyes, or maybe the bleakness of her situation, but Mason did lift Trisha from her chair carrying her to the fountain. Kicking off his sneakers, he stepped into the fountain with all the other kids. Trisha giggled and held up her arms tilting back her face allowing the sprays to trickle over her delighted. The happiness beaming in her tiny face was reward enough for Mason. What a beautiful little girl, she should know this happiness everyday.

When they were both totally soaked, but refreshed and cool, Mason put Trisha back into her chair. Sliding on his sneakers Mason wheeled Trisha back to the center. Mason was met by a stern nurse, whom wasn’t happy to realize Trisha had stole away alone.

“Where have you been? Trisha, you know you are not permitted off the center grounds. Who are you, and why are your both soaked?” The duty nurse, back from her lunch ripped off questions faster than Mason or Trisha could answer them.

“I’m sorry….I let Trisha get into the fountain like the other kids, she was so sad watching them. I walked her back, making sure nothing happened to her, so don’t be too angry please,” Mason took the heat winking at Trisha who winked and grinned.

“What am I gonna do with you little lady?” The nurse sighed and wheeled Trisha back inside to change her clothes. Mason followed he’d been by this place hundreds of times, but never ventured inside. What he saw when he entered nearly broke his heart. Kids, everywhere all ages, some in wheelchairs…others on crutches, some so sick they were confined to bed.

The nurse brought Trisha back to him moments later, “ Trisha has something to say to you.”

“Okay….what’s up Trisha?” Mason asked softly crouching again so he could look at her face to face.

“Thank you….it was really nice you took time for me today, I won’t forget it. Nurse Carol promised she’d take me to the park from now on, that way I can stay longer, if I promise not to sneak off anymore,” Trisha replied nodding with a huge smile.

“That sounds like a good idea ... Um ... I have one too, want to hear it?” Mason asked, peeking both Nurse Carol and Trisha’s curiosity.

“Yes… what tell me please,” Trisha seemed suddenly excited.

“Well I jog in the park everyday… could I come get you, and take you to the park, would that be okay?” Mason asked Trisha and Nurse Carol, whom smiled and nodded.

“Oh boy would it …. Wow, I can go to the park everyday….thank you Mason … I love you,” Trisha leaned forward hugging Mason who reached around Trisha holding her tight. Mason was a bit overwhelmed, wiping a tear that threatened to spill.

“Okay then, be ready tomorrow I’ll be here,” Mason replied. Trisha nodded her head emphatically, then waved, and headed into the play room with her fellow shut ins.

Nurse Carol went over rules for taking Trisha out, “You know, it’s a really nice thing for you to spend time with her. Trisha is waiting for a foster home, her parents died two years ago. No family comes by, and we are so understaffed here. I am curious though can I ask why, I mean … what prompted you to do this?”

“I just could not look into those innocent blue eyes and tell her no, every child should know happiness, not just the healthy ones,” Mason responded.

Nurse Carol hugged him, “I wish more people thought like you do, see you tomorrow Mason.”

Mason nodded and waved good-by again to Trisha, “See you tomorrow.”

Thursday, July 8, 2010



Sipping her coffee, a gentle smile creeps cross her face, a warmth of contentment, while she reflects. What has her life meant, has she made a difference? Will any remember her name after she’s gone? Thoughts swirl as she looks down at the blank page, it beckons to her….write….just write. The words always come…she doesn’t search, but what do they mean? Are they frivolous, not worth the paper they are written on; or can they make a difference to those who would read. Answers to her questions, she had none, still the blank page beckoned, shouting, I’m here come to me, give me your passion, I will not disappoint. She took another sip of her coffee, the aroma kissed with the scent of Vanilla, her preference. Words on paper, simple contrast of black and white, crumpled easily and tossed away, or savored and read over and over again. The written word, I’ve often said is immortal, so long as it’s read…..May you be inspired to write today.

Copywrite Linda Rhades 2010