Sunday, July 18, 2010


Neverland Exists by Linda M Rhodes .


If only in my mind….

Whimsical fantasy delights,

Treasures of gold, pillaged pirate plunder.

Pleasant dreams, soaring above all imagined,

Pegasus my noble steed wings tipped in stardust,

Floating effortlessly till morn.

Realm of wonders, trolls, and imagined perils,

Laughter of children resounds as music,

No one enters with evil intent.

Mighty lioness invisible guarding locked gates,

Imagination the only key ….

Sliding down rainbow splashing in ocean enchanted,

Beware, your heart returns carefree.

Sun always shines, build a snowman on the beach he won’t melt,

Rather swim with you, tummy chuckling,

Join me, admission free, to a heart that cares…..

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