Friday, July 23, 2010

Lil' Boy's Shoes

Lil’ boy’s shoes,
Today’s adventure to choose
Laughing and playing,
Climbing up trees…
Boo boos and skinned knees,
Dirty hands go without saying.
Eyes of wonder…
This world to discover,
Impossible questions
Grandma why, and I sigh,
Take my hand little man,
Slide down slides,
I’ll catch you…
And tickle your sides.
Pretend we are dragons Rrrrrroar,
Or Giddy up Grandma, yi haw!
Shhhhh a quiet moment…
As I peak while he sleeps,
Sweet dreams little one…
The years go by in a blink,
Looking at him I think…
I remember when,
Your daddy wore…
Lil’ Boy’s Shoes.

1 comment:

  1. You never forget when your kids are little, oh, they grow up to fast. I remember holding my daughters in my lap and telling them bedtime stories. Now they have daughters and sons of their own. I remember when I'd change their diapers and yes, I remember when they wore little girls shoes, LOL, Their little ones call me Grand Daddy Cash