Sunday, July 25, 2010

The Last One

This was done as a writing challenge... the theme write poem about the last tree.

The Last One…
Death, I wish for it…
I am old, ancient with life,
Pulsing throughout my core,
To be the last, cruel fate,
Gone the sapling youth,
Generations before and after….
Seasons of change know only color gray,
Countless the never-ending days,
Future grim, final destruction eminent,
Enemy shall return, scaring all Earth,
Selfish multitude, greed the driving force,
Mutilate, destroy, burned to ash…
Forced to watch the devastation,
My roots buried deep, limbs lift upward,
Heavy with burdened soul, murderers…
Rays of sunlight warm without comfort,
Shadows cast upon yesterday…
Guarding memories pleasant,
As fresh blossoms of Spring…
Evergreen summer foliage thriving,
Bringing harvest coloring fall,
Ardent my flailing branches…
Whipping upon strong winds,
Arrogance perhaps justified,
As twister touches down…
Twas Mother Nature gave me life,
Fitting she will grant my death…
Along with the concrete forest,
They foolishly plant in my stead…

1 comment:

  1. This one leaves plenty room for thought. I don't fear death but I wonder if life on the other side is what the bible describes. In anycase I will spit in the eye of the taker refusing to go until I ready. Most of my friends have made the trip to the other side but they'll just have to wait if they want to see me. Nice writing, a real captivating read. LOL, BDC