Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Lonely Snowflake

As twilight glistensFrom starlight give listen
A tale of woe glides softlyTis falling… falling…
Born in Heaven fresh and new
Pure as soul innocent true
Uniquely fragile a lonely destiny
Quietly calling… calling…
Dance and twirl soft reflection
Of lights shining glow
Pristine unspoiled innocence
Whitest down upon new snow
Drifting as whispers suspended
Caught up in a frozen mist
Fleeting lifeline dying
From moment of birth bitter twist
Undaunted by doomed fate
Life shines bright giving delight
Pained eyes reflect love
And all bear witness to miracle
Reaching hands to hold
Yet warmth melts away hope
In light of truth
Tis hard not to become bitter
Only innocence of awe inspires
Touching our hearts with possibility
Perhaps the brief journey planned
Allows love to flourish
While drifting upon swirling winds
All time echoes in eternity
Never forgotten shall smile warmly
Created not by the love given
Each beautiful snowflake fashioned
To be a single life driven
Perhaps the brief journey showing
All whom embrace it’s touch
A lasting memory in which
Hope and faith walk hand in hand
Forever strolling… strolling…
Through sadness and tears
Banishing fears always reaching…
For the one brilliant elusive star
And an end to those who seek it
Knowing we loved and cared
We cried and shared
While delicate snowflake slowly melts
Into the warmth of ever after

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