Monday, August 2, 2010

Life's Illusion

Smoke and mirrors…
Prisms refracting rainbows,
Clouds eclipsing the sun,
A wet fog rolling in…
Vision not all it seems,
Painted smiles only masks,
Illusions of the soul…
Mysteries unsolved forever churn,
Underneath the surface,
Where none can see,
But are always felt…
Lifetime of secrets,
Often left unspoken,
Mirrors a heart sadly broken.


  1. Linda as always you write with a divine touch your words are like magic to me. Don't think I haven't read everything you post because I have. You are a favorite of mine and always will be. As soon as I get everything working properly on all 36 of the sites I administer or co administer I'll be able to spend more time commenting. I am working hard to make our blogs and sites the best. Please do me a favor and post more on our main site (The Fellowship of Writers on ning) and if you can join our fellowship on facebook. Being a member on facebook will keep you up to date with whats going on. LOL, BDC

  2. Linda,
    Your poem was one of beauty and repose with a deeply sad ending, but like is not like we always wish it would be, is it? I loved the rhythem and prose the way that you wrote it. You write very beautifully. Please visit my site sometime.
    Tamara Lesley

  3. but life is not. Sorry about mispelling like. It is 2:23 am and I am sleepy.
    Tamara Lesley